Friday, August 2, 2013

Update: An Audition & Weekend Plans

Another EPA audition under my belt! And it finally happened: I forgot a line during my monologue. It's 100% my own fault, I didn't have my lines internalized so of course after waiting for 4 hours and standing in line and getting the regular jitters I get before an audition, I drew a blank. I knew what the intention of the line was and ad-libbed but the change in pace and tone and language probably made the omission apparent. The casting director was very sweet and kind and had nice things to say about me regardless. 

I think it's easier to let go of a bad audition like this. I should've prepared better but that's all on me, within my control.

This afternoon I sat down today and looked around on Casting About thanks to a 7-day free trial from Workshop Guru. Did some planning on that end, signed up for my CD workshop. Reviewed notes from Jona's class and will do some mailings, methinks.

Anyway, the point of this was to talk about... as my main goal for the next six months is to GENERATE, I recognize I have to be full, fulfilled--spiritually and financially haha. Tomorrow evening I'm attending Shadow Hill Therapeutic Riding's volunteer orientation. Can't wait! It's only 20 minutes away which, for LA, is amazing

Happy to be back. Even though I am starting to feel how "far" the Valley is, I'm happy to be in LA, close to the opportunities I'm looking for.

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