Friday, December 6, 2013

Mulholland Drive Therapy

I had a weird day. One of those cloudy-brained, lethargic days. I got some good work done in the morning but much of the afternoon was lost to insipid television watching. I needed a kick in the pants. Or a breath of fresh air. I chose the latter.

When I lived in San Diego and Ridgecrest, the solution to pretty much any ennui-related problem was a long drive. So I thought I'd give that a shot here. I googled "Best Night Drives Los Angeles" and tons of hits for Mulholland Drive came up. Perfect! I'll knock out two birds with one stone--a Los Angeles classic and I'll clear my mind!


Mistake #1: Rush Hour
I knew it was rush hour. I knew it'd take a few minutes of traffic sitting to get to Mulholland Drive, but what I didn't realize was (even though I read it online before heading out) THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS ROAD.

Mistake #2: "The Country's Most Dangerous Road" - A Yelp Reviewer
Also, people are driving too fast, the road is high up, I am gonna die I am gonna die I am gonna die.

I only made it about 1/5 of the way down the scenic road, I think. It wasn't very therapeutic because it took all of my energy to watch the road, watch for oncoming traffic (and make sure they saw me), and watching the cars behind me.

I did get to stop a few times (before I got nervous and imagined a grisly, torturous death by murderous stranger and drove off) and also took this grainy cell-phone photo. Now imagine 50 angels are singing in your heart and in your eyes and that's how I felt looking at this.

Mulholland Drive at Night

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