Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thank You

Dear Mom,

It's taken me 25 years to look outside of myself and begin looking at all the little things you've done for me my whole life.

Thank you for making me put my head under a running shower head. Even when I thought I'd drown. Thank you for teaching me how to wear a training bra, even though I blushed and probably shouted that I didn't need one. And thanks for pointing out how boobs spillover and how to avoid that when you put your bra on. And all those other things about being a girl I had to learn and then learn how to hide.

Thank you for loving me, despite the monthly, roof-raising, wall-shaking scream matches we had when I was in high school. Thanks for teaching me how to apologize and mean it. How to hear another person, no matter how angry or hurt you feel. And thank you for seeing me clearly: I do indulge in my emotions. I've been working on it since you named it so boldly. But you see how much I try, too.

Thank you for taking so much of your time and spending it on me (and Josh and Jonathan), trying your best to make sure we didn't grow up to be deadbeat jerks. Even though you didn't know you wanted to be a mom, even though you had to learn so much on your own.

Thank you for all of that and more. I am who I am today because 50% of my genes are yours, but also because your strength, wisdom, and wackiness shaped me into who I am.

I love you!

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