Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'm flying back to LA tonight.

Home has been nice. So. Nice. The tenants were out, I spent a week in SF. Finding a low-key routine was so nice. Back to reality!

It's time to switch gears and break out of the inertia that's kept me at this comfortable (but busy) pace and barrel back into the hustler's life in LA. I'd like these next six months to be about creation and generation. May this refocus help me better manage my time.

I also need to make rent every month. Another goal.

Well, I thought this was going to be a big, long soul-searching post but everything I put down just sounded whiny. There's no hemming and hawing necessary to change gears. I know how to do it. Just do it. (Thanks, Nike.)

I will miss the cool Nor Cal air; I will miss my roomy, homey, childhood home (ghostly settling noises and all); I will miss my guy. (Will miss my family too but they're coming to visit me soon.)

Time for a tesseract. I know what this. I've been here before. Just do it...

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